In life, it’s the details that matter. It’s the collection of small details that build the bigger picture. Sometimes those details are in the way that special someone looks at us. In the way they make us feel. It can also be in the things we create together. Lexie and Kevin’s engagement session had several […]

He wrapped his arm around her. He held her tight. She is the love of his life. His fiancé. His wife to be. He shared with her all the reasons he loved her. What he cherished about her. How he appreciated the person she is. It was a private moment just them two yet you […]

California Coast, Big Sur Engagement. Photographing beach engagements are some of our favorites! There is something so beautiful and dreamy about the beach. The light, the sound of the waves and the fresh breeze. It reminds me of young love. The dreamy glow that illuminates the one you love. The sweet sound of their voice. […]

Growing up, neither of our families were big into the yearly family formal photos. However now as adults, every chance we are all together we make the extra effort to snap a photo together. When Jacey reached out to us about getting photos taken of just the kids we knew how important it was to […]

Known as “The Volunteer State,” a nickname earned during the War of 1812. For a history buff, ie Tee, he loved learning that thousands of volunteer soldiers from Tennessee played a prominent role during times of war. This name stuck when the secretary of state asked for 2,800 Tennessee volunteers and got 30,000 respondents! For […]

We absolutely love family portraits! This Salinas Valley session was so much fun we could hardly contain our shutters! Moving faster than our shutters is how quickly time passes. In what seems like a flash, Patrick and his baby sister will be all grown up. They will some day look back at these photos and […]

Today is not just another day. Today is the day you leave behind your teen years. Today is the day you begin a new chapter. You are strong. You are resilient. Your heart for others is just one of your many gifts. It seems just the other day when someone delivered so many pink balloons […]

His lip quivered as he looked in to her eyes. She has always been beautiful but today, today she was his stunning bride. They held hands as the pastor spoke, “Do you take this woman to be your wife” the pastor asked. The moment had come, he held her hands firm and said “I DO”. […]

This summer we had the pleasure of photographing Sean and Julia’s wedding in the deep south of Monterey County! Every wedding is so different and there are never any two that are alike. This is especially true with our rock star couple Sean and Julia. With the perfect weather, this Salinas Valley wedding was gorgeous! […]

It was a Mid-Summer day in Carmel and the perfect day for a wedding! Bruce and Lupita met at Hartnell College. Bruce fell head over heels for Lupita. He could not believe his eyes! She has a way of lighting up a room and is the friendliest person you will ever meet. However, Lupita lights […]